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Konark Sun Temple
Red Fort India
Lord Buddha
Fatehpur Sikri
Hawa Mahal, Jaipur - Rajasthan (India)

Muslim Pilgrimage,India

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Jama Masjid in Delhi - India
The Glorious and Almighty Allah has made pilgrimage an emblem of Islam, a place where people can find rest, peace and hope. He says : "Those who have the means and ability, pilgrimage is an obligation laid down by Allah. The disbelievers should know that Allah is independent of His creatures". In this Divine trade they are securing benefits of per- forming His worship and hastening towards the promised land of forgiveness and blessings.

In 725 AD, Arab conquerors established states in Sind at the mouth of the Indus River and along the Indian coast of the Arabian Sea. New invasions from Afghanistan began during the 12th century. Today, Islam is practiced by about 14% of the population. Muslims believe in one God--Allah, one prophet--Muhammad, and one holy book--the Quran. Muslims pay a holy visit to the famous Jama Masjid as well as to the Dargah of Sufi saint Nizamuddin Aulia. Another famous holy site for muslims is Ajmer and a visit to the Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti.

------------------ Famous Mosques in India ------------------

Jama Masjid Delhi
Jama Masjid, Delhi
Humayun Tomb Delhi
Humayun Tomb, Delhi
Taj Mahal Agra
Taj Mahal

Qutub Minar Delhi
Qutub Minar, Delhi
Fatehpur Sikri
Fatehpur Sikri
Charminar, Hyderabad

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