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Pilgrimage in India

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Khajuraho Temple in Madhya Pradesh India has prevailed people far and wide with its in-depth philosophy and enlightenment. India has absorbed the wealth of spirituality from all corners of the world and thus, emerged as the pilgrimage hub. India has some of the world's most beautiful and most visited pilgrimage destinations of the world. Experience the richness of the Indian way of life through its spiritual destinations.

Pilgrimage imparts education in many ways. It imparts clarity of thinking. It makes the person resistant to hardships and is useful to man in many ways. Everyone thinks that his/her path alone is the right path. They tend to belittle other paths. Such thinking stems from lack of experience and exposure. When one undertakes a pilgrimage, this thinking gets considerably modified. When the pilgrim comes in contact with other great sadhaks (spiritual seekers) in different places, he will realize that there are many paths which are equal to or superior to the one he is following. Once this realization sets in, clarity in thinking becomes easily achievable. Jama Masjid, Delhi

Pilgrimage consists of visiting various sacred sites generally to perform worship or meditation. These sacred places may be man made structures like temples, mosques, churches or various power spots in nature like mountains or rivers. Such places in nature may be made more holy by the practices various sages and yogis have performed there. India possess innumerable such places as various religion are not bound to any single holy center.

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