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Mathura Tourism

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Pin-Code - 281 00x
STD Code -0565
State - Uttar Pradesh
Famous for - Pilgrimage and Holy places
Best time to visit - Between the months of November - March
Places to visit - Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple, Geeta Mandir
Weather - Summer temperature ranges from 21to 43°C,Winter temperature ranges from 3 to 31°C
Altitude - 169 m
Official Language - Hindi
Languages spoken -Brajbhasha, Hindi

Ayodhya Mathura Maya Kasi Kanchi Avantika
Puri Dvaravati Chaiva Saptaita Moksa dayikah
As per the above Shlok quoted in Garuda Purana, Mathura has been enlisted as the one of the holy cities of Hindus. Ayodhya and Mathura have been the most important sacred places for Hindus, thanks to their associations with the birth and life of 2 prominent incarnations of Lord Vishnu, that of Ram and Shri Krishna. While Ram had taken birth in Ayodhya, Krishna was born in Mathura, both the states are in state of Uttar Pradesh. Ram and Krishna are revered in the whole of Indian subcontinent by Hindus and hence these cities have progressed as the great spiritual places.

Sightseeing in Mathura:
Mathura tourism is essentially a pilgrimage and major chunks of tourists touring Mathura are Hindu pilgrims, particularly vaishnavas. In the whole of city, there are as many as 25 teerthams scattered which are popularly called as the sacred Ghats. As per the Hindu beliefs, A holy dip in these sacred Ghats rids one of all his or her sins proffering salvation. Geeta Mandir is among other most adorable tourist places to visit in Mathura. The specialties of this temple lie in the way of its construction. Whole of Shlokas quoted by lord Krishna in the sacred Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta have been written on the walls of temple. This whole of the temple enshrining the most watch worthy splendid idol of lord Krishna, is bedecked during the auspicious Hindu occasions like holi and Janmashtami.  Main attraction included in the list of tourist places in Mathura is Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple. As per the historians and number of research works conducted and evidences found, it has been concluded that this had been the place during dwaaparyuga, where lord Krishna was born. From that site plethora of statues and sculptors have been unearthed, and it was here where the Garbha Griha stood, wherein Vasudev and devaki had been kept captive.  Naya bazaar and tilak dwar are some of the best places to shop in Mathura. Mathura is renowned everywhere in India for the palatable and best quality of Pethas(the sweets made using milk and sugar) and they are the great things to be bought while shopping in Mathura. Although hotels in Mathura are limited in number but yet they  are available in all ranges and are furnished with all the amenities to make the comfy stay. Boating in the sacred river of Yamuna, participating in Evening Arti of Yamuna ji, attending Bhagwat geeta path, or viewing the enactment of Ramayan are some of the great activities to do in Mathura.


Mathura History

Earlier during the Rules of Hindus, Mathura had prospered well and reached the great heights of glory. It had been the place where number of Buddhist monasteries had sprung up, following the visit of Lord Buddha. However, those days of glory and glittering past of Mathura ended with the advent of Muslim invaders. Mahmud of Ghajani, Sikander Lodi and Aurangzeb, they looted and caused much destruction to this sacred and prospering city, razing to ground all the Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries and whatever came in their path. After them, it had fallen in the hands of Britishers. Thus, Mathura days of glory were over and it remained in dark anonymity, till the resurgent Hindu movement to bring it back to its former state.


Mathura Weather

Although the best time to make a trip to Matura would be between the months of November and march, tourists can also journey in the month of August, when Lord Krishna and Radha are to have taken births and this is the time of great festivities in Mathura.


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