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Lucknow Tourism

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Pin-Code - 226xxx
STD Code - 0522
State - Uttar Pradesh
Famous for - Monuments, Nawabs and Delicious food
Best time to visit - Between the months of October and march
Places to visit - Firangi mahal, Bibiyapur Kothi and Sikander Baugh
Weather - Winter temperature ranges between 4 to 31°C, Summer temperature ranges between 20 to 44°C
Altitude - 128 m (420 ft)
Official Language - Hindi, Urdu
Languages spoken - English, Hindi, Urdu, Bhojpuri

Lucknow is the capital city of the Indian state Uttar Pradesh that has plethora of worth seeing spots for the vacationer’s delight. This city is popularly called as ‘city of nawaabs’ that implies ‘the city dwelt by all great people’. Lucknow tourism has in its womb hosts of relics and the monuments for the tourists to offer. A trip to Lucknow will offer you to watch lofty Husainabad clock towers, marvel at the magnificence of the grant palace called bara imambara and having the thrill of exploring the mystique labyrinth of Bhulbhlaiya in that place. Primarily, Lucknow is an historical site presenting to the travelers number of magnificent palaces built of by erstwhile Nawaabs. One of most appreciable constructions that deserve a look is the grand construction of Bara Imambara. This construction was given effect with an objective to facilitate in Azadari of Muharram. This Imambara was erected by noble Asaf-ud-Daula. Another worth-watching relic of past is Dilkusha Kothi, which ever used to be hunting lodge for the Britishers and Nawaabs. One of the magnificent constructions worth a praise is ever standing clock tower, boasting to be the tallest construction in the entirety of country. Among other tourist places to visit in Lucknow, Satkhanda holds the place of significance. A look on this incomplete construction resurrects back the memories of how pathetically the dream envisioned by Nawab Mohammad Ali Shah shattered into pieces, owing to his premature sudden demise, causing the construction on anvil to come to a screeching halt and never to resume again. His intentions with respect to building this magnificent construction of 7 to 9 floors were to make it possible to have the better glimpse of moon and also to enable people to have the panoramic view of the whole city of Lucknow from the top of this construction. He had nurtured the wish to give it the status of being the tallest structure in the city, nevertheless his these desires could not turn into concrete, thanks to his sudden death.

Aside from all these spots, there are many more tourist places in Lucknow worth a visit such as Firangi mahal, Bibiyapur Kothi, Sikander Baugh and so on. One of the most entertaining activities to do in Lucknow is go astray in the mystique world of labyrinth and then investigating the way to exit, which is advised to be done under instructions of the guide. It is believed that many of the routes in this maze lead to the vast amount of wealth kept concealed in the protection of the tunnels. Although, Lucknow does not have many shopping malls and multiplexes and they are limited in number, but yet Aminabad, Kapoorthala, Hazratganj and Janpath are some of the best places to shop in Lucknow..There are varieties of articles that can be included in the list of Lucknow shopping. Hotels in Lucknow are in plenitude and offer the top-class services that will not be easily effaceable out of memory.


Lucknow History

Name ‘Lucknow’ is shrouded in mysteries and many theories have been propagated by different scholars. Some say its name taken from name of Laxman


Lucknow Weather

October to march


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