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Agra Tourism

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Pin-Code - 282xxx
STD Code - 0562
State -  Uttar Pradesh
Famous for - Historic places
Best time to visit - Between the months of  October and March
Places to visit - Taj mahal and Ram baug.
Weather - Winter temperature ranges from 2 to 24°C, Summer  temperature ranges from 24 to 45°C
Altitude -  171 m
Official Language - Hindi, Urdu
Languages spoken - English, Hindi, Urdu

On very mention of the name Agra, flashes the much admired resplendent picture of the magnificent construction effected by the Shah Jahan in his bid to immortalize his beloved queen Mumtaz mahal. This is the prime center of attraction that reigns supreme on the minds of travelers embarking on Agra tourism. However this not the only attraction. Agra holds a list of historic places to be visited by tourists. One of the most lauded tourist places to visit in Agra is Taj mahal which is also included in the list of 7 wonders, globally. This is the magnificent, unmatched construction of Mausoleum that was build to draw the attention of world and marvel at its splendor. The magic of unparalleled beauty multiplies, if watched on the full moon night. This construction was effected by Great Mughal emperor Shah Janha in memories of his deceased and beloved begum Mumtaz mahal. Apart from this great monument, there are other myriad tourist places in Agra, worth a watch. Another big attraction for the tourists on Agra travel is gigantic fort of Agra.

This fort is surrounded with famous historical events which hold great significance in India History. After first battle of Panipat, which was fought between Delhi sultan Ibrahim Lodhi and Babur, Babur had established his dominion over this fort after inflicting a crushing defeat on Ibrahim Lodhi and finally slaying him. This this fort remained under possession of Mughals till defeat of Humayun eventually by Hindu king hemu who drove him off and had his rein set up. Then later this fort was snatched by Akbar from Hemu after second battle of Panipat. Apart from various forts and magnificent hiostoric constructions erected by great moghul emperors of India, ther arenumber of beautiful gardens worth a visit. One of such gardens is Splenderous pleasure garden called Ram baug, which is also called as  Bagh-i-Gul Afshan. Sadar Bazar, Kinari Bazar, Raja-ki-Mandi, Sanjay Place Fatehabad Road, Munro Road, Shilphaat and the Taj Mahal Complex are some of the best places to shop in Agra. There is an array of articles that can be include during Agra shopping and included in the list are leather wares, brass wares, carpets, jewellery, varied sorts of sweetmeats and several other such sorts of articles. One will never run sort of hotels in Agra. Agra hotels can be found in all ranges and also they dot the whole region so one does not have to make much labor to find one.


Agra History

The earliest references that can be traces making mentions of this region are to be found in Arya Griha. Its references can also be found in the literary work of Ptolemy and also great Hindu epic called Mahabharata by name as ”Agra ban” that stands for forests of Agra. From these references it can be deduces that in times of yore there existed a densely grown forest. Also the mentions can be found stating that this regions used to be the most favored ground for prince Akbar to watch his royal cheetah p[preying over black ducks. Raja Badal Singh is deemed to have founded this city. Later on the regions witnessed several Muslim invasions like Lodis. After demise of Sikander Lodhi, Ibrahim Lodhi had taken the charge of reign in his hands, who was later on defeated and slain in the first war of Panipat against Babur. It is from this point that Agra began to be ruled by Mughal rulers in a succession. Mughals continued to reign the region till the accession of Aurangzeb. Following fall of Aurangajeb, Agra fell under reign of Marathas. Nevertheless, with the advents of Britishers, even, Marathas failed to have prolonged reign over Agra. Now, in the current time as India has attained liberty from  all sorts of foreign yoke, Agra remains a apart of Utter Pradesh, crammed to the brim with number of historic monuments.


Agra Weather

During wintry season the atmosphere is characterized to be enveloped under wrap of thick fog and also the chill in the atmosphere mounts incredibly. During the sultry days of seasons, the sun beats the earth hard with its perpendicular blazing rays, so it would be highly inconvenient for the tourists pouring into the region during summer. The months between October and March are deemed to be the most iodea time for embarking on Agra tourism.


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