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Puducherry Tourism

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Pincode - 605001
Famous for - Beach & Foods
Weather - Winter temperature ranges from 18 to 34°C, Summer temperature ranges from 23 to 40°C.
Best time to visit - October and February
S.T.D code - 0413

Puducherry at a glance:

Etymology:  Puducherry reflects the greater impact of French culture. For this reason, it is also referred some a times as “Window of French culture” and also another popular tag attached is “French Riviera of East”. This union territory was earlier known as Puducherry but later during 2006, the name was changed to Puducherry standing for “New Village”.

Position of state:   Union territory of Puducherry encompassing an area of 492 KM, is comprised of 4 distinctive districts viz.  Puducherry, Karaikal and Yanam on the Bay of Bengal and Mahé on the Arabian Sea.

Official Languages:  Tamil, Malyalam, Telugu and French. English is also used widely.

Costume: No revealing attire is allowed to be worn in Puducherry as it is officially banned. People wear all sorts of ethnic dresses. Beach dress are disallowed.  People linked with various religious sects such as Hinduism, Islam and Christianity co-exist peacefully.

Sightseeing in Puducherry:

Hordes of tourists taking off on trip to Puducherry will have no dearth of worth watching sights. There are number of sea beaches, museums, heritage buildings, backwaters, lakes and gardens for the tourist’s delight. If you have been in the dire need to spend some moments playing with the moisture of sand and sand particles then there are number of excellent beaches to be included in the list of tourist places in Puducherry. Beaches in Puducherry usually comprise the main attraction of the region and unlike the beaches in the rest of country, these beaches are usually marked with serene ambience and they are not crowded usually. A boat can be taken from chunnambar boats house to land at this beach, visiting which is a must. Among other prominent beaches are Auroville Beach and serenity beaches. There are some of the best natural sites that are densely vegetated and rows of trees and plants belonging to distinctive species can be spotted there. Bharathi Park is the very nice spot to idle away time during the weekends. There are all around rows of shady trees that are beyond being counted. Apart from it another major attraction as far as natural sites are concerned is botanical garden. Also, there are number of museums and heritage buildings that are required to be included in the list of tourist places to visit in Puducherry.

Cuisine: Coconut curry, Tandoori Potato, Soya Dosa, Podanlangkai, Assad, curried vegetables, stuffed cabbage, Italian baked beans.

Festivals:  Fire walking, Sedal, Mascarade festival, International Yoga festival, Mangani festival, Kandoori festival, Masimagam festival, Ayudha puja, Kaarthgai deepam festival, Pongal, The feast of our lady, of Lourdes and many other important festivals are celebrated.

Things to do in Puducherry: There are numerous activities to do in Puducherry that can be indulged in and the long list includes enjoying around beaches, indulging in yogic exercises, taking to river cruise or river boating, dining and savoring the myriad sorts of delectable French cuisines.

Places to stay: As far as hotels in Puducherry are concerned, there are numerous places to facilitative in sojourn of tourists and they includes all kinds of accommodation in all range like deluxe hotel, mid-range hotels, budget accommodations, numerous lodges and the like.

Shopping in Puducherry:  As far as shopping in Puducherry is concerned, there are number of articles that can bought as souvenirs such as hip leather bags, wallets, sandals, handmade paper, incense sticks, batik and the like.



Puducherry History

After fall of Vijay Nagar Empire, this region was annexed by Sultan of Bijapur. From 16th century onwards, the foreign influence in this region began to rise. Because of the grand marine trade prospects, this territory began drawing the attention of Europeans. Many of the traders from European countries began to pour in like Portuguese, Danes, Dutch and Britishers. Nevertheless, it was Portuguese who erected the first factory in the territory. Because of their activities the region prospered. Numbers of factories were opened up later by Danes, Dutches and others. Number of constructions like churches an d forts today stand the witness of the magnitude of influence cast by foreigners.


Puducherry Weather

The months between October and February are deemed to be most appropriate time for undertaking a tour to Pondicherry.


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