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Chandigarh Tourism

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Pincode - 160xxx
Famous for - Shopping & Specialised Sightseeing
Weather - Winter temperature ranges from 3 to 27°C, Summer temperature ranges from 19 to 44°C.
Best time to visit - August and November
S.T.D code - 0172

Chandigarh at a glance:

Etymology: This city has been named after the famous shrine dedicated to goddess Chandi, an epitome of Shakti-the power.

Position of state:  Chandigarh serves to be the capital city of Punjab and Haryana states and also has been declared as the Union territory. Its situated at the foothills of Shivalik Himalayan ranges. Its flayed on sides by the states of Haryana and also Punjab. The frontiers of Himachal Pradesh are also not much distant from here.

Official Languages: Chandigarh, the fort of Chandi teems with a sea of men and women speaking multiple languages. However, the languages most widely spoken are Punjabi, Hindi and English.

Costume: Chandigarh population is a mixture of people having distinctive sects. Also, there is great amalgamation seen in traditionalism and modernity. So, all kinds of costumes are worn, ranging from traditional ethnic wear to the ultra modern costumes.  

At a distance of just 3.5 hours drive from Delhi, is the well-designed and sparkling out of cleanliness city of Chandigarh. When we talk about a city, immediately the pictures that screen through our mind, are that of streets enveloped under cacophony of pedestrians, hawkers lining the streets and ceaselessly running vehicles while filling air around with their loud and ear rending blares, climate filled with high volumes of carbon dioxide emanating out of fuel exhaustions of the vehicles and factories and industries and the like. However contrary to general concepts that are conceived about the cities, Chandigarh is the city that is marked with sprawling verdure, number of gardens and parks, clean ambience, and number of beautiful spots for Chandigarh tourism.

Sightseeing in Chandigarh:

Chandigarh is situated at the foot hills of the beautiful Himalayas and has a number of beautiful tourist spots to boast of. There are numerous tourist places to visit in Chandigarh and the list includes the places like capital complex, rock garden, rose garden and the like and it all depends upon your mood upon which the choice can be made regarding which spots you would like to take in your stride. In case you have the predilection to have oneness with the nature then there are some of the best considered tourist places in Chandigarh such as Kansla and nepali, rose garden, rock garden, the hidden valley and the like. Leisure valley is one of the most beautiful spots to be covered up during trip to Chandigarh that shoots from Rajendra park in sector 1 and ends up at Bougainvillea garden in Sector 3. On the way one get number of people involved in the healthy activities such as Yogasans, taking to long walks and other such kinds of healthy exercises. Take a tour to rock garden that abounds in number of incredible design works and yet most astonishing factor that many of the at works are given effected making use of the urban and industrial wastes. Another major attraction factor is sukhana lake that is the water pond that offers the ideal place for having a day out. You can have number of options to have the delight of a boat ride in the lake. Another very beautiful spot worth touring in Chandigarh is the hidden valley. Another major attraction in Chandigarh is the monument of open hand. The height of this construction of giant hand measures to be 14 metres and weight-wise its 50 tones. This monument conveys the messages of peace and unity to the society and those pouring into city from other parts of country and world and it also serves as the official emblem of the state. There are scores of gardens and parks like, Pinjore garden, terraced garden, botanical garden, cactus garden and the like. Among other attractions included are the amusement parks like fun city and thunder zone. People having predilection for the museums can pay a visit to the famous international dolls museum.

A closer look at Chandigarh:

Chandigarh culture: Sikhs constitute majority of populace in Chandigarh. They are peace loving and jovial by nature. There is an atmosphere that ensures the growth of all sorts of cultural activities. Being a city it has magnetized hosts of people from all pasrt fo country and hence a multiplicity is seen in its music and dance forms. No traditional norms are strictly adhered to but yet, Sikhs are seen donned with their traditional turbans as the mark of their religion. Conventional joint family system is still in vogue.  

Cuisine:  Chandigarh features the Punjabi cuisines. Their food items are known for the excessive use of Ghee, wheat, cheese, butter and many other stuffs spiced up adequately. Some other specialities include stuffed parathas, dairy products, sarson da saag, makki di roti , Tandoori food, and so on.

Festivals:  Baisakhi, Gurpurab, Holla Mohalla, Lohri, Tika, Karva Chauth, Raksha Bandhan, Dusshera and Diwali.

Art and craft:  Punjab is renowned globally for an array of artworks and included in the list are the making of dolls and toys, varieties of objects using wood, basketry, weaving and embroidery and making designing works using mud.

Things to do in Chandigarh: Hidden valley is the center of number of adventurous activities and included in the list of activities to do in Chandigarh are bird watching, mountain biking, horse and camel safari, and the like.

Places to stay: . Being the tourist hub, one will never have difficulty in finding the suitable hotels in Chandigarh as all kinds of hotels can be very effortlessly found in the city.

Shopping in Chandigarh: Shopping in Chandigarh includes in the list the articles like  handicrafts, phulkari works, traditional jutis, local woolen wears and several other articles of daily needs.There are number of places like sector 17, auto centers, books shops and several other such spots that are considered to be the best places to shop in Chandigarh.



Chandigarh History

This is that city that had been designed by French architect, named Le Corbusier. In fact this city is in reality the materialization of the kind of city that Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru had in his vision. Before the country of India was partitioned, Lahor used to be the capital city of Punjab. But post partition as Lahore region happened to be included in the country of Pakistan, Punjab was left without any capital city. This was how the need for constructing a new city was felt and for the purpose a region lien within the shivalik range was picked which came to be called as Chandigarh, which stands for, “fort of goddess Chandi”.


Chandigarh Weather

The months between August and November are deemed to be the most appropriate time to embark on Chandigarh tourism being climate not too hot nor too cold.


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