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Kodaikanal Tourism

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Pin-Code - 624601
STD Code - 0240-0242
State - Tamil Nadu
Famous for - Hill stations
Best time to visit - Between the months of  September and May.
Places to visit - Shenbaganur Museum, Kodaikanal Dolmen circle and Kukkal caves
Weather - Winter temperature ranges from 9 to 32°C, Summer temperature ranges from 22 to 35°C
Altitude - 2133 m
Official Language -  Tamil
Languages spoken - English, Tamil

Kodaikanal at a glance:

Teeming in numerous worth visiting spots overflowing with natural beauty in various forms, Kodaikanal is a must visit spot. This is the hill stations abounding in number of mist, scores of waterfalls, teeming in variety of animals and birds, sprinkled with number of beautiful lakes and many more adorn the list of Kodaikanal tourism. The impact of magic spelled by this beautiful hill station will not fade out easily, off your memory.

Sightseeing in Kodaikanal:

For the backpackers making their trip to Kodaikanal, will have a great confluence of all sorts of tourist spots serving all sorts touring whims. There are clusters of lakes, hilly points worth touring, number of religiously significant spots and constructions and many more such things. However the true attraction lies in the number of gushing water showers ready to engulf in their fold anyone dared to come in their way. These waterfalls offer the great attraction for the vacationers who had the hearty joys of braving the forceful plummets of cascading waters from above in full velocity. There is one of the much lauded tourist spots to visit in Kodaikanal and that is silent valley rolling in utter greenery from top to toe. Watch varieties of animals stored up in bison well such as bison, birds, elephants, tigers, deers and the like.

Apart from soaking in the natural delight and catching the fine snaps of some rare species of animals and birds, you can also get to witness numerous archeological finds preserved with utter care in Shenbaganur Museum. Yet in its list of must-to-visit tourist spots in Kodaikanal, it has one big surprise for the vacationers. A visit to Kodaikanal Dolmen circle would transport you in to world as far as Neolithic age. Two of the myriad vestiges in forms of dolmens and Kistavens stand witnesses of the way of life in vogue in a transitory period of development in Human civilization. Kodaikanal travel also offers a grand site of Kukkal caves which is just 40 Kilometers distant and in the course of travel you will have number of worth watching sites rolling past such as beautiful vast expanses of orchards fraught with shoal trees, rows of tall and beautiful pine trees making line alongside the roads, mesmerizing wattle forests punctuating the streets off and on and also sporadic appearances of geranium plantations. Nevertheless, the thing demanding caution here lies in plenitude of leeches, crowding the region.

There are packs of adventure and fun-filled activities to do in Kodaikanal and the list includes trekking, hiking, biking, horse-riding, watching variegated birds belonging to diverse species and also navigating in boats across water bodies can be enjoyed. Khadi Emporium, Corsack, Kurinji Mini supermarket, spencer and company, Handloom co-operative stores and Government Sales Emporium are some of the much favored and frequented places to shop in Kodaikanal. They present plethora of distinctive wares and articles worth being included in the list of Kodaikanal shopping. Number of budget hotels in Kodaikanal can be traces in propinquity of Kodaikanal Lake.


Kodaikanal History

The earliest settlers of Kodaikanal region were people belonging to Palaiyar tribe. During 14 century this region had been under rein of Pulyans. Nevertheless, these people later on had to change their place of settlement from Palani hills to Kodi hills. It was Lt. B.S. Ward who had for the first time made his appearance in the hilly kingdom.



Kodaikanal Weather

The best part of year for undertaking Kodaikanal tourism is between the months of September and May.


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Places to visit in Kodaikanal
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