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Jodhpur Tourism

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Pin-Code - 342005
STD Code - 02931
State - Rajasthan
Famous for - Handicrafts and Antiques
Best time to visit - Between the months of October and March
Places to visit - Meherangarh Fort, Spice Paradise, Clock Tower etc
Weather - Winter temperature ranges from 6 to 21°C, Summer temperature ranges from 25 to 46°C.
Altitude - 231 m (758 ft)
Official Language - Hindi
Languages spoken - Hindi, Rajasthani, Punjabi

Jodhpur at glance:

Situated at a distance of 335 KMs from the capital city of Jaipur, is the blue city of Jodhpur. The city is called as blue city because of the number of house that are painted in color blue. There are number of magnificent forts and palaces that keep glittering to the extent of leaving the tourists hypnotized. Aside from number of forts and palaces Jodhpur tourism offers number of attractions to the tourists in form of gardens, museums, water bodies like lakes and also places of religious significance.

Sightseeing in Jodhpur:

A trip to Jodhpur, the kingdom of Rao Jodha, offers number of magnificent palaces and royal forts to the delight of tourists to watch. Incorporated in the long list of tourist places of Jodhpur is Mehrangarh fort that is considered to be the largest fort in the whole of Rajasthan. This marvelous construction has been the centre of attraction for the tourists from round the globe since long of time, for having the number of wondrous features in addition to the glowing appearance. There are number of elegant palaces inside this fort such as Sheesh mahal, phool mahal, Moti mahal, Khabka mahal, jhanki mahal and many others, In addition to these palaces, there are number of attractions for the delight of the tourists visiting this fort. Phool mahal is the very beautiful flower palace that leaves the tourists with their mouths wide opened. This palace used to be the house of entertainment for the kings those days where they would soak in the beauty of dancing beautiful girls and would undulate their body in consonance with the sounds emanating from the ornaments and anklets of the dancing girls. In addition to these royal constructions, also tourists can get to view the beautiful lakes.

Included in the list of tourist places to visit in jodhpur are number of lakes such as Kaylana lake, Bal samand, Gulab sagar, Fateh sagar, Tapi wawdi, Jaswant sagar dam, Rani sagar-padam sagar, umed sgara and many others. Situated at a distance of 8 KMs, from city of jodhpur, lies the panoramic and picturesque Kaylana lake, which holds the tourist under trance. The cleanliness of the waters allures them to enjoy with the waters. Construction of this artificial lake had been commissioned by Pratap Singh in year of 1872. Among other attractions that adorn the overall backdrop of the lake are numbers of migratory birds including Siberian cranes and also densely grown plants of Babool. Mandore had been the previous capital of the parihar dynasty, which later on had been shifted to the city of jodhpur during the reign of Rao Jodha. Now the tourists visiting this place with get the sight of the dilapidated forts and palaces, while the whole surrounding has been turned into a picturesque garden with number of tress dotting every inch.

If you are an ardent photographer, then you can stroll around the city while continuing to capture the images of the blue houses that adorn the whole of city. Among other activities to do in Jodhpur, included are embarking on exploration of the Jodhpur city while delighting in desert safari, savoring the delicious Rajasthani cuisines, touring the gardens and parks and lakes and number of other activities. Giridikot market, Sardar market, lakhara bazaar are some of the best places to shop in Jodhpur. While shopping in jodhpur, you can include in the list plethora of articles like metal curios, leather goods, paintings, well designed jootis, silverware of varied kinds and number of others. There are wide gamut of hotels in jodhpur of varied kinds that incorporate the hotels like top class luxury hotels, heritage palaces and mid range hotels.


Jodhpur History

This city came into existence when in the year 1459, king rao Jodha decided to shift the capital from the earlier place known as Mandor to the new location of jodhpur. The first fort that he had built was that of Mehrangarh. In course of time he had the whole region well fortified and protected against the foreign invaders. Rao gangasingh one of his successor is known to have allied with the mighty hindu king rana sanga against the formidable advances of Babur. Later on, they also had been in friendly alliance with the king Akbar.


Jodhpur Weather

Best time to embark on jodhpur tourism, would be between the months of October and March. As this is the part of year that does not witness the sultriness of weather and sand gales and also offers to the tourists the best of local festivals accompanied with the royal events.


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