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Jaisalmer Tourism

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Pin-Code - 34500x
STD Code - 02992
State - Rajasthan
Famous for - Camel trips, Embroidery
Best time to visit - Between the months of October and February
Places to visit - Jaisalmer fort, Gadsisar Lake, Jain temples etc
Weather - Winter temperature ranges from 6 to 23°C, Summer temperature ranges from 24 to 41°C.
Altitude - 225 m (738 ft)
Official Language - Hindi, Rajasthani
Languages spoken - Hindi, Rajasthani, Urdu and English

Jaisalmer at glance:

The kingdom of Bhati Rajputs, situated in deserts of Rajasthan, city of Jaisalmer is popularly called as the golden city of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer is much lauded tourist destination and receives much visits by the tourists on account of number of attractions that it holds in its belly. One of the biggest attractions during Jaisalmer tourism is Jaisalmer fort that is considered to be the largest fort internationally. In addition to the golden fort of Jaisalmer, there are number of other places of tourist interest such as number of museums, Havelis and palaces, parks and Baghs, temples and sand dunes and hilly regions.

Sightseeing in Jaisalmer:

Glittering and magnificent fort of Jaisalmer is one of the prime attractions that usually come in the top of the list of tourist places in Jaisalmer. As you watch this golden fort, the mind starts flying back to the time, when ever this fort used to bustle with the people of Bhati kingdom. But, how the Islamic invasions ravaged it, driving a multitude of Rajput females to commit jauhar can be felt in the silence of its backdrop. Now remains nothing except for the gargantuan fort that sparkles like gold, although depeopled, but a reminder of golden past and valiance of Rajput kings. This fort is furnished with 4 massive gates viz. Akhai pol, Ganesh pol, Suraj pol, and hawa pol. The expanses of the desert wear the golden and spellbinding look and tend to leave the tourists mesmerized. Aside from this fort, there are tourist places to visit in Jaisalmer that include in the list number of beautiful havelis, Gopa chowk, Hawaprol, Dussehra chowk, Tazia tower and many others.

One of the many tourist attractions in Jaislmer is Bada bagh that contains number of cenotaphs erected to serve as the memoir of number of Royal kings and princes. Pay a visit to Gadi Sagar which had been constructed by King jaisal and served to be the only source for potable waters in this arid region, for the Royal family members. Some of the most rejuvenating activities to do in Jaisalmer include thrilling Camel safari across the sand dunes like Sam sand dunes and Khuri. Undulating ride on the back of camel during sun set of sun rise across the vast stretches of sand dunes and seeing the clouds of sand particles spiraling up by force of the blowing wind indeed forms the most spectacular sight. While in the course of camel ride, it is possible to get the occasional glimpses of the sporadically grown bunches of desert plants.

For the tourists who are religiously inclined, there are also many of the prominent pious sites such as Chandra Prabhu temple, Kunthanath temple and the like. Jaisalmer is shopping paradise for the shopaholics. Embarking on a tour and not buying anything for the near and dear ones, while on way back, would be not a good idea. Jaisalmer has number of marketing spots such as Khadi Gramuddyog emporium, Pansari bazaar, Manak chowk, Sadar bazaar and many others offer the best places to shop in Jaisalmer.  Number of articles can be bought as souvenirs during the process of shopping in Jaisalmer such as hand woven blankets, rugs, shawls, mirror works, embroidery works and many others. There are several options that facilitate tourists to make their stay in Jaisalmer. Hotels in Jaisalmer can be found of varied kinds such as heritage hotels, luxury hotels, mid rung hotels, budget hotels and many other varieties can be found.


Jaisalmer History

This prosperous city of Jaisalmer had been founded Bhati Rajputs. This city had been founded on the Trikt hills in the year of 1256 by Rajput chief Jaisala, who had migrated from his earlier capital that was situated in Lodhruva which is at a distance of 15 Kilometer. The city remained shieldedfrom the foreign invasions for the long span of time and in the meanwhile huge amount of wealth had been amassed from the caravans that traversed the desert. However, during 13th and 14th  centuary the rulers of this kingdom had fallen in the fierce battle against the Allaudin Khizi that lasted for 8 to 9 years ending up ultimately into devastation of the Rajput kingdom.


Jaisalmer Weather

If you had been brooding over taking to trip to jaisalmpore then the most appropriate time would be between the months of October and February. In the month of January, the watch worthy desert festivals are organized.


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Places to visit in Jaisalmer
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