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Ajmer Tourism

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Pin-Code - 3050xx
STD Code - +0145
State - Rajasthan
Famous for - Dargah Sharif of the great Sufi Saint Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti
Best time to visit - Between the months of November to March
Places to visit - Dargah Shariff, Ana Sagar Lake, Adhai Din Ka Jhonpda
Weather - Winter temperature ranges from 4 to 31°C, Summer temperature ranges from 27 to 42°C.
Altitude - 486 m (1,594 ft)
Official Language - Hindi, English
Languages spoken - Hindi, Rajasthani

Ajmer at glance:

Ajmer is the great centre of magnetism for the tourists. The life in this city is always animated with number of activities. Also, greater degree of religious harmony between Hindus and Muslims can be witnessed in Ajmer and it offers the much popular pilgrimages for the people belonging to both communities. A trip to Ajmer brings to the senses the aroma of chivalry of the Rajput warriors, of whom name of Prithiviraj chauhan is immortalized in history, who had successfully repulsed the onslaughts launched by Muhammad Ghori for number of times.

Sightseeing in Ajmer:

Number of forts, museums, palaces and places of religious significance can be witnessed during Ajmer tourism. While The Dargah of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti earns the great degree of reverence among Muslims, For Hindus, Pushkar, the abode of lord Brahma is of great importance. Another attraction that is included in the list of tourist places in Ajmer is the magnificent fort of Ropangarh. Construction of this fort had been commissioned by Maharaja Roop Singh during 17th century. Now this fort has been developed into a luxurious hotel. Pay a visit to mesmerizing Taragarh fort that is also termed as star fort popularly due to its exotic designs. This fort would earlier be the bastion for the Chauhan rulers. Another wonder that awaits in Ajmer for the droves of tourists making their way to this city is Adhai-din-ka-jhonpra. According to the local beliefs, the reason behind this mosque being christened so lies in the fact that it took only 2 and half days for this construction to be finished off. Nevertheless, many others believe that it was named so because a religious ritual had taken 2 and half days to be over. Originally this construction had been the centre of education and would impart Sanskrit education. However, this centre of education was invaded by the Muslim invader Mohammed Ghori later on and was converted into the Adhai din ka Jhonpara.

Among other prominent tourist places to visit in Ajmer are Ana Sagar, Durga Bag, Kishangarh and many other places of religious significance. Ana Sagar Lake is another very famous tourist place that holds the historic importance. This lake is in fact artificial that had been commissioned by Anaji chauhan, who was grandfather of Prithviraj chauhan. This is the relic of the existence of a Dynasty which has lefty a deep imprint on the history of India and is christened after name of Anaji chauhan. There are number of attractions around this lake and the list includes catchments, pavilions constructed by Shahjahan, and Daulat baug gardens commissioned by Jehangir. When around Ana Sagar lake, there are number of activities to do in Ajmer like delighting in boat ride. Tourists can also take a tour to Durga Bag that offers splendorous backdrop characterized with quietude, rows of shady trees giving it the picturesque look. There are number of activities to do in Ajmer and included in the list are touring the hallowed Dargah Sharif, tomb of Saint Muinnudin Chisti, Nasiyan ji mandir, sauntering off the alleys, marvel at the Islamic architecture, taking holy bath in Pushkar. Pushkar Fair, Ajaymeru Udyog Crafts Mela are some of the best places to shop in Ajmer. There are number of articles that can be included while in the course of shopping in Ajmer and included in the list are bandhini saris, dupattas, embroidered jodhpuri juttis, perfumes, ornaments, antiques, gold and silver jewelry, and many other such articles can be shopped for. There are number of hotels in Ajmer and they are available in all ranges.


Ajmer History

City was Ajmer had been established in 7th century by Hindu king Ajaipal Chauhan and named it as “Ajaimeru” that signifies the fort in hills that is invincible and impregnable. Taragarh was first hill fort in the entirety of Indian subcontinent, construction of which had been commissioned by  Ajaipal Chauhan. For considerable length of time, Ajmer continued to be ruled by Chauhan rulers, until year of 1193, when Mohammad Ghori invades India. The first confrontation that hindered the advancing steps of Mohammad Ghori was made by Prithvi raj Chauhan. While in the first battle Mohammad Ghori had been defeated but one mistake of Prithvi raj Chauhan cost dear to the fate of this country and opened the way for the Mughals to lay foundation of their ruling and this mistake was that Despite having defeated and detained Mohammad Ghori, Chauhan let him go, sparing his life. Ghori, in return showed no gratitude to him and in 2nd battle of Tarain the great Chauhan king was defeated and later killed.


Ajmer Weather

Taking a tour to Ajmer during the winter season that lasts from November to March, would be the most appropriate time. Otherwise another good time to pay a visit to this place is between the months of May and June as this is the time when the place is thronged with the pilgrims.


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