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Amritsar Tourism

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Pin-Code - 143001
STD Code - 0183
State - Punjab
Famous for - Golden Temple, Chess making industry, handmade chooda's
Best time to visit - Between the months of November and March
Places to visit - Harmandir Sahib, Golden Temple, Durgiana Temple etc
Weather - Winter temperature ranges from 3 to 26°C, Summer temperature ranges from 23 to 44°C
Altitude - 218 m
Official Language - Punjabi
Languages spoken - Punjabi, Hindi, English

Amritsar at glance:

Amritsar is a city in Punjab state that is very important to be mentioned from touring point of view. This city occupies an important place in history of India. The very mention of the name of this city is enough to invoke the picture of Jallianwala baug in one’s mind and the mass carnage made by General O’ Dyer. This is the city that had been cleaved into twain to create India and Pakistan and border of both the neighboring countries can still be seen here. Amritsar tourism boasts to bring to the sight of tourists a number of many such attractions worth watching and admiring.

Sightseeing in Amritsar:

There are several excellent tourist places to visit in Amritsar and all of them are equally important. One of the major attractions here in this city is India-Pakistan border called Wagah border. This location resuscitates with the steady departure of day and sliding of sun westwards. As the eve begins to set in, the activities at this border go up bringing about an animation in the whole of the ambience attracting good volume of tourists. The next historically most important place is Jallianwala baug. A visit to this place brings back the memories, when India had been passing through the dark stages and this place bears some indelible stains of the ruthlessness of slavery and the high handedness of the Alien rulers, the Britishers. Still some of the walls in the park wear the bullet marks. Included among other tourist places in Amritsar, the places are Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum, Ber Baba Buddha, Rambagh gardens Akal Takht and many others. Akal takht and golden temple are the main attractions when embarking on trip to Amritsar. Akal takht holds all the religious powers of Sikhs and has the considerable influence into daily life and activities of Sikhs. This eternal throne is built in the premises of the golden temple. When in Amritsar, paying a visit to golden temple would be a must. This holy shrine stands glowingly and proudly at the bank of Amrit Sarovar and the sounds of hymns, prayers and other devotional psalms keep reverberating in its surrounding for all through the day. Coming in this place will produce a man of piety even out of a man given to sensuous and worldly pleasure. There are numerous other religiously important places calling for a visit in Amritsar. City of Amritsar will not let you have a dull moment and there are number of activities to do in Amritsar. One of the most exciting things to do in Amritsar is to visit the Wagah border and delight in watching the flag lowering ceremony performed by Indian and Pakistani soldiers by day end. Tourists can also stroll around the interior parts of the city that is rural areas and can make a mental note of the way people lead life there. Amritsar also boasts of having an alley earmarked for bowling and also it is possible for the tourists to go and watch movies. Shopaholics will have splendid time shopping in Amritsar and in particular female tourists. Most common objects included in the list of shop worthy objects are salwar suits, bangles, trinkets, woolen shawls, sweaters, mufflers, Amritsari papads and wadiyans, gold jewellery and sandalwood carvings, dry fruits, kadas, juttis and so on. All kinds of hotels in Amritsar can be easily found and the list includes the hotels like budget hotels, mid range hotels, deluxe hotels and the like.


Amritsar History

History of Amritsar is tarnished in number of episodes marked with bloodshed and carnage. The credit for establishment of this glorious city of Sikhs goes to 4th Sikh Guru Ramdas. After having learn about the presence of the pool containing healing power he incited his son and successor Guru Arjun Dev to erect the city around this pond. Emperor Akbar made great contribution by donating the piece of land to Sikhs and the magnificent golden temple was erected. On the auspices of the Guru, number of Sikh traders came over this place and settled down and flurry of developmental activities began to propel this region towards the progress and growth. This city is known to have born the brunt of the Jallianwala bagh massacre in which thousands of innocent people had to lose their lives falling prey to the bullets of the British soldiers on command of the brutal General O’Dyer. Then this episode of carnage recurred during operation blue star, when a group of rebels hiding in the golden temple had to be forcibly slain. This was followed by assassination of the then PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi and in turn massacre of number of Sikhs by Hindus.


Amritsar Weather

Months between November and March are the most idyllic time to embark on Amritsar tourism as the climatic conditions during tis period remain congenial.


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