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Pin-Code - 400xxx
STD Code - 022
State - Maharashtra
Famous for - Sea shores, Swanky hotels and Restaurants.
Best time to visit - Between the months of October and March.
Places to visit - Juhu beach, Gorai beach, Jahangir Art Gallery, Hanging Gardens, Gateway of India, Elephanta caves, Kanheri caves, Mahalakshmi temple, Mumbadevi temple and Haji ali mosque.
Weather - Winter temperature ranges from 11 to 34°C, Summer temperature ranges from 21 to 41°C.
Altitude -  14 m (46 ft)
Official Language -  Marathi, Hindi
Languages spoken - English, Marathi, Hindi

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is always up and moving. People are always in hurry and have no time to stop and stare. Ceaseless vehicular movements and constant honking of horns characterize the streets. The city is densely populated having a mixture of people from distinctive ethnicity, religious faiths and beliefs. There are people, who live on streets and also you will find people enjoying the luxurious lives in bungalows. The city always is full of hubbub. The city boasts to have the well grown tourism industry attracting large multitudes of curious tourists from round the world. There are several tourist places to visit in Mumbai, of varied nature. Tourists, belonging to all sections, will find something or other, catching their interest. Mumbai tourism boasts of number of roaring sea shores, swanky hotels and restaurants to relish the sumptuous dinner, numerous awe-inspiring ancient structures reminiscent of the colonial era, big big markets selling wide range of articles from pin to peacock, amusement and water parks offering wealth of funs and hilarities and myriad other worth visiting places.

There are hosts of tourist places in Mumbai, serving variety of tourist interests. Whatever kind of getaway, you may be in need of and whatever kind of tourist spots, you may be in look out for during your Mumbai travel, you will indubitably find here. There is mishmash of several beaches, serving adequately the aspirations of beach-buffs, and also water parks, amusement parks, zoos and resorts and numerous worth-watching magnificent ancient structures, highlighting the great blend of Victorian, gothic style and indigenous India style related to architecture. There is something or other for every tourist visiting in the city. If you have been longing to have the delight playing with watery waves, and having the feel of the damp sand particles, then you will find a list of beaches worth-touring such as Juhu beach, Aksa beach, Gorai beach, marva beach and so on. These beaches offer the best of touring experiences to the vacationers from round the globe. Apart, from the sea-shores, there are numerous amusement parks and water parks, which offer hordes of games and fun-packed activities to do in Mumbai, for the picnickers belonging to all ages. These parks offer the loads of merry-making opportunities and tools to adults and children, uniformly. Also, people undertaking a tour for Sightseeing in Mumbai with historic interest, will also find this city worth-touring as there is an array of places of historic interest.

There are countless ancient monuments and structures, serving as a relic of past such as Jahangir Art Gallery, Hanging Gardens, Gateway of India and so on, which span across the city of Mumbai, particularly in south region. There are numerous caves, having the links with the glorious past of India, keeping the bygone era, still alive and Elephata caves, Kanheri caves etc. are to name few. Also, there is no dearth of religious places as well thus serving plentifully the needs of all pilgrims and the long list incorporates the much marveled and talked about places such as Mahalakshmi temple, Mumbadevi temple, Haji ali mosque and so on. Aside from everything stated above.

The city has the reputation of having the vibrant nights, thanks to hosts of pubs, night clubs, discotheques and grandsome Bars and restaurants in Mumbai mushrooming across city. There are several well grown markets across city offering the most ideal places to shop in Mumbai, such as Crawford Market, Fashion Street, Colaba Causeway and many others. Many of these shopping centers offer most unique experiences for shopaholics, when it comes to Mumbai shopping. They offer comprehensive list of objects of daily needs and requirements. For those having predilection to watch the wild life, will have at their avail, numerous sanctuaries. Also there are multiple museums offering rows of past monuments and relics to widen the horizon of knowledge and add to the intellect of the tourists about the Indian history. Also, Travelers will find numerous hotels in Mumbai, dotting every inch, which range from economic to much expensive and furnished with all the amenities, thus suiting every budget. Mumbai hotels feature all kinds of facilities and serve the travelers in a very effective way. Wide range of cuisines and food items can be delighted in. Thus, it will be worthwhile to embark on a trip to Mumbai that will present you a with the world marked with great diversities and varieties representing the whole of country, India in a nutshell.


Mumbai History

A cluster of 7 islets i.e. isle of Bombay, Colaba, little Colaba, Mahim, Mazgaon, Parel and Worli come together to form the city of Mumbai, which earlier used to be called, Bombay right from the days of British era. It was assigned the new name in year 1996 by locals and came to be called as “Mumbai” which is a name conceived after famous Hindu shrine of Mumba Devi. The city has witnessed numerous kingdoms rising and collapsing from time to time and thus far, it has fallen in to hands of myriad rulers. Primarily the city had been under possession of local fisher folks belonging to koli cast. Then city witnessed number of invasions from Hindus and Muslims in their scramble to set up their ruling over the city. Eventually the city had fallen in the hands of Britishers, who quitted India in year 1947 leaving the city to be ruled by the local inhabitants. This city was given to King Charles II in year 1661 in form of dowry for tying knots with Princess Catherine de Braganza of Portugal.


Mumbai Weather

Once in Mumbai, you would be exposed to the tropical savanna climate. The city boasts of having the moderate temperatures, which is characterized with the high levels of moisture in the atmosphere. Mumbai is the city flanked, on all sides, by sea shores and so it represents the humid climate, round the year, which is divided into 4 seasons viz. winter, summer, monsoon and post monsoon. The temperature is measured to be 30 degree Celsius during summer and it drops to be 18 degree Celsius as winter sets in. The best part of the season for going on trip to Mumbai is October to March.


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