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Thekkady Tourism

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Pin-Code - 685536
STD Code - 04869
State - Kerala
Famous for - Wildlife sanctuaries
Best time to visit - Between the months of September and March.
Places to visit - Periyar National Park, Periyar lake and Green valley spice garden.
Weather - Winter temperature ranges from 15 to 31°C, Summer temperature ranges from 21 to 34°C,
Altitude - 2800 m
Official Language - Malayalam
Languages spoken - Hindi, English, Malayalam.

This region is encapsulated within district idukki and is particularly know for wildlife sanctuaries. Tourists streamlining in this region will get to watch a wealth of animals, birds and plants in their natural state and in their natural living place. One of the most intriguing things watch worthy that you will chance upon during your Thekkedy travel is watching the kalari show, an ancient martial art. The nimbleness depicted by the performers of the show will certainly leave you amazed. They perform wide range of shows such as dual fight, sword fight, and also they show a fire play with the agility to the extent of generating the feelings of vertigo among the vacationers. One of the most refreshing activities to do in Thekkady is participating in nature walk programs. The area of 4 to 5 kilometers is brought under coverage during this walk exposing the tourists to number of rare species of animals and birds. The route cuts through the forests and grasslands. This walk is intended at acquainting the tourists with the wild life world under leadership of the experienced guide who is usually an indigenous person. Another most attractive and soul-soothing spot commanding a must visit place during you trip to Thekkady is paying a visit to Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. This place would indeed leave you agape of what all its has to offer. You will find a gamut of mammals, reptile, amphibians, birds and also wide variety of plants and shrubs. Apart from all this you will Periyar lake up with its arms outstretched to give you warm welcome.

There can be found number of trees standing partially submerged in the middle of this lake. Another place deserving a visit that this region has in the list of tourist places to visit in Thekkady is green valley spice garden. As you step in the garden you will find sea of plants belonging to distinctive species waiting for your arrival and to say “halo” to you. You will not be all by yourself while strolling in this garden and will be chaperoned by a guide who will be introducing you to the plants. Apart from, enjoying these sites during your Thekkedy tourism, you will also get the chance to indulge in numerous activities to do in Thekkedy. One of much commended things to do in Thekkedy is riding on raft made up of bamboos. This is the most inimitable experience that exposes to the travelers numerous animals living in the natural habitat of forest. Plunge into border hiking and grow privy of wild life. You will find along with your, troupe, an armed guard also chaperoning you, who will keep sharing about his observations of the wild life and forest dwellers. Not only this you will also accident upon getting in know of some of unique experiences about their encounters with the animals living in forest. There are ample amounts of Thekkedy hotels to enable the tourists to have the comfy stay, for as long as they choose to stay there. There are not places to shop in Thekkedy but for few  stalls which make line along the heartland. These shops sell an array of articles and in the course of Thekkedy shopping a number of articles can be bought such as fenugreek, white and green pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, star anise, cloves and several others of such sorts.


Thekkady History

This region had originally been abode to people who belonged to several tribes. The region for a longer span of time had been under ruling of Vadakkumkoor Rajas. Later on, with the steadily progressing time, number of kingdoms made appearance and got bogged down in to darkness of oblivion and the list includes the kingdoms like Chera Kings, Kulshekhara’s Pandyan kingdom, Thekkumkoor kingdom,  Poonjar Kingdom also the like. Finally, with the advent of Britishers, the region fell under their rein.


Thekkady Weather

The best time to visit this region is considered to be between the months of September and March.


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Places to visit in Thekkady
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