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Mysore Tourism

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Pin-Code - 5700xx
STD Code - 0821
State - Karnataka
Famous for - Heritage
Best time to visit - Between the months of September and March.
Places to visit - Bandipur National Park, Hill of Chamundeshwari and Devaraja market.
Weather - Winter temprature ranges from 12 to 32°C, Summer temprature ranges from 21 to 38°C
Altitude -  763 m (2,503 ft)
Official Language -  Kannada
Languages spoken - Kannada, English, Hindi.

Mysore is one of the much popular tourist spots situated in the state of Karnataka. It has great blend of varied kinds of worth visiting spots thanks to the numerous royal majestic palaces, gardens, hills, lakes and zoos and myriad others. Thus, a trip to Mysore will have everything essential to delight the tourists. Mysore tourism offers hoards of lakes studded amidst dense greenery for city weary. Many of these spots have been serving to be the most preferred spots for the migratory birds coming from far off places. Away from the hullaballoo of city life and traffic clogged streets accompanied with deafening shrill blaring generating from the relentless vehicular movements, you will have the atmosphere full of serenity.  One can get to visit numerous zoos and museums. If you have been utterly worn out of leading a life in city and have the dire craving to feel the ubiquitous shade of trees paired with intermittent chirps of varied kinds of birds and sporadic sights of quadruped mammals gallivanting to and fro around their natural grassy habitat, then paying a visit to Bandipur National Park would be worthwhile, during your Mysore travel. As Mysore has been the seat of rein of Tipu sultan, myriad structures and constructions of palaces and also mosques can be spotted in this tourist spot that are directly linked to Tipu sultan and his life.

There are scores of grandsome palaces to be watched. While on tour, you will have several exciting activities to do in Mysore such as strolling around and catch the sites of various palaces having ornate designs carved upon them, you can catch the glimpses of various sorts of birds and animals, delight in shopping and so on. You can also have the feel of scaling up the hill of Chamundeshwari. There are several places to shop in Mysore such as Devaraja market and myriad others. Things that can be included in the list of Mysore shopping are myriad such as incense, sandal wood carvings, silk made cloths. Mysore is also reputed for offering wide range of wooden artifacts which can be bought as souvenirs.   There are numerous hotels in Mysore. Mysore hotels offer all kinds of amenities to the sightseers coming in the town and also these hotels can be obtained in all rates.


Mysore History

Since its birth, the region of Mysore had been under possession of ferocious Demon Mahishasur as per the mentions made in ancient scriptures. Later on, after lots of worships made by hermits and deities, Devi Chamundeshwari was pleased and she came to the rescue of her devotees. In them fierce battle that ensued, Monster Mahishasur was killed.


Mysore Weather

Although Trip to Mysore can be undertaken in any part of year, but, nevertheless, the best part of season deemed for this excursion is between the months of September and March.


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