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Kullu Manali Tourism

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Pin-Code - 175101
STD Code - 01902
State -  Himachal Pradesh
Famous for - Hill station, river rafting and mountaineering.
Best time to visit - Between the months of September and February.
Places to visit - Kullu valley
Weather - Winter temperature ranges from 1 to 24°C, Summer temperature ranges from 25 to 35°C
Altitude - 1220 m
Official Language -  Hindi
Languages spoken -  Pahari, Hindi, English

Kullu manali at Glance:

There is hidden in the lap of Himalaya, the world of charm and charisma, the most famous and highly sought after tourist destination, Kullu manali. Its wealth of natural beauty leaves the hordes of travelers spellbound and under influence of mesmerism. Manali is the town that is embedded in the heart of gorgeous valley of Kullu. Kullu is the most famous hill station nestled in the mountainous region of Himachal Pradesh. Many writers and poets have made much exaggeration about these paradisiacal sites. These places serve to be the most preferred summer retreat for the holidayers from across the planet. Very mention of the word ‘Kullu manali tourism’ sends the waves of excitement through the veins of an individual, thanks to the innumerable worth tourist spots coupled with fun-packed activities that it has to present to the tourists.

Sightseeing in Kullu manali:

Once in Kullu-manali, you will have the vast gamut of choices, as far as picnicking and having fun is concerned. There are several places that offer the quite perfect backdrop to indulge in trekking, river rafting and mountaineering and myriad other thrill packed activities to do in Kullu manali. The specialty of this picnic spot lies in its marked tranquility and peacefulness. One of the much marveled and admired adventurous activity here swears to escalate your heart-beat is para-gliding. Have the flying experience in the most befitting backdrop of Kullu valley and get immersed in the untold amount of ecstasy. Once in Kullu, you will have the picturesque surrounding characterized by numerous lofty snow-blanketed mountains, vast green carpets of swaying green grasses, densely grown forests rich in deodar trees, numerous orchards having abundance of apple trees and numerous flowing rivers that will fill your heart with the immeasurable rapture with their sweet rhythmic sounds. The whole of the valley is dotted with scores of temples serving the interest of pilgrims, number of parks and sanctuaries enabling the tourists get the glimpse of many of the rare and imperiled species of the animals and the birds. There is no scarcity of the hotels in Kullu manali which have grown in hordes at the foothills. These hotels are with range of affordability and will not cost much. Thus, even average tourist can easily afford them. There are arrays of articles that can be bought as mementos, apart from delighting in all the tour worthy spots during your trip to Kullu manali. These articles will effectively serve the penchants effectively of the shopaholics for shopping in Kullu manali and included in the list are numerous sweaters, pull overs, shawls and the like.


Kullu Manali History

Population in Manali has been sparse. In the times of yore, there would live the roaming humans who practiced hunting as their major source of livelihood. These hunters used to be called as “Rakshas”. Letter on, a new community emerged in the lap of valley, who belonged to “nar” caste. Their sporadic existences can be till date traced at some places.  Kullu used to be previously called as “Kulanthpitha”, that implies 'the ending point of inhabitable world'. Being difficult to access, it remained safe and intact from foreign invasions and thus retained its charm, sanctity, originality, freshness and naturalness completely virgin and unaffected from outside world. It is also popularly called as the “valley of gods”.


Kullu Manali Weather

Climatic conditions in Kullu manali remain salubrious and soothing all through the year and across all the seasons. There are three main seasons that keep taking turns in a cycle and they are winter, summer and monsoon. It absolutely does not matter which part of year you get in the mood to take to the trip to Kullu manali, all the time you will find a most refreshing atmosphere here. For honeymooners, the most ideal and befitting time would be to take a tour in the wintry season when the coolness in the atmosphere is at its peak and also periodic snowfall is witnessed between the months of September and February. If, you were inclined to have the best of touring and sight-seeing experiences, then season of summer is deemed to be the most appropriate time that lasts from the month of March and till June. The period between July September witnesses the sporadic rain falls and resultant occasional landslides, obstructing the paths of the travelers. Nevertheless, the most appropriate time to tour Kullu manali is deemed to be between the months of September and June for sightseeing in Kullu manali.


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Places to visit in Kullu Manali
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