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Geographical position: Assam is the Indian state, situated in the north east and to the south of the eastern Himalaya.

Official Languages: Wide gamut of languages are spoken widely across state of Assam and included in the list are Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Nepali, Hindi, Dimasa, Tai, Santhali Manipuri and many others.


Female: Assam is particularly famous for the head turning beautifully designed Assamese Muga sarees fabricated using silk. Additionally, the designs of Assamese costumes vary greatly across disparate tribal communities. Among other costumes included are Mekhla skirt, Dimasa, Rigu, Rijamphai, Rokhaosa, koum kontong,

Male: Males adorn themselves with a pair of Dhoti and Kurta. Turban is also wrapped by males around their heads. Additionally, Rica or Dhuni teamed up with Rinsaso are also donned by males belonging to some tribe.

Intro in gist:
Assam offers luxurious multiplicities in flora and fauna. The state is characterized by numerous tropical rain forests. There can be witnessed great diversities in the species of plants, trees, animals, birds and the like. Assam tourism involves hordes of sacred places to tour, several adventurous activities, sighting rarest species of animals, birds and plants, parks and several other such exciting objects.

Sightseeing in Assam:
There are plenteous places to visit in Assam. There are numerous hill sights included in the list of worth seeing spots in Assam. Haflong is of the most popular hill spots that Assam tourism has to offer. This beautiful hill station has to offer a combination of varied see worthy spots in Assam such as rows of azure appearing hills, mishmash of orchids and glamorous lakes and also number of varied kinds of birds can be watched which are difficult to be seen in any other parts of country.

Another most bewitching spot demanding a visit from the travelers is the paradisiacal village of Jatinga that is studded in the regions encompassed by Borail Hills. The village has the myth that masses of flying birds objectively embrace death in the months between September and November and thus this place has been a earning the curious attention of the vacationers from round the world. The place is very enchanting offers the scenic backdrop to be captured in camera. The most exciting thing worth going for the tourists would be having the delight of watching the wild life well preserved in the manas National Park. This is park that is embedded in the foothills of famous Himalayan mountains and boasts of housing the wealth of animals of varied rare species and in particular tigers. The long list includes the animals like Golden Langur, Wild Buffalo, Hispid Hare, Pigmy Hog, Indian one-horned Rhinoceros, Elephant, Hog Deer and many many more.

Also, there are hordes of temples, sanctuaries, and several parks. Hajo is the place that enjoys the place of significance for offering a rare blend of three prominent religious i.e. Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. Another place of prime attraction that you must visit during your trip to Assam is incredible Majuli island that boasts of being the largest one at global level. This is the island nestled at the bank of Brahmaputra river.

Popular cuisines:  As far as indigenous cuisine of Assam is concerned, tourists can enjoy a range of delicious food items. The main ingredient that is included in their almost all varieties of foods is rice and an array of preparations made using rice is consumed. The list of important food preparations incorporating rice include Bora Sauls, pithas, Poitabhat, chira, akhoi, xandoh, kumol saul and the like. Also, a number of food items are prepared using the fishes retrieved from number of water bodies. The foods items using fishes are Tengas and khar. Among other delightful food stuffs included are Pitikas, Boras, pokoris, kahudi, panitenga, Posola, Ouu khatta, Khardwi, Paederia foetida and many others. List of fast foods incorporate the food items like Jolpan, Pithas, Larus, Luchis and ghuganis.

Shopping in Assam:  Apart from all visiting all these picnicking spots during your Assam travel, you can also have the best of joys of plunging on shopping in Assam. There are numerous items that are worth buying and included in the list are toys, handloom products, decorative articles and so on.

Things to do in Assam: The list of things to do in Assam includes number of thrilling activities such as gliding, paragliding trekking and so on.

Where to stay:  As far as finding an accommodation in Assam is concerned, there is nothing to worry about it as numerous resorts, hotels, government lodges and guest houses have sprung up across the region, which are very affordable suiting to every pocket.

Best time to tour Assam :

There are chiefly 4 seasons in Assam that continue being experienced, in turns and they are Winter, summer, monsoon and spring. The specialty that is perceived in the climatic conditions of Assam is one going on Assam tourism never experiences too cold or heat during any parts of seasons but for the months between December and January, when the chill mounts up considerably. Nevertheless, the part of the season that is deemed to be the best from viewpoint of touring Assam is between the months of October and April.


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