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Arunachal Pradesh at a Glance:

Position of state: Arunachal Pradesh is a north-eastern state of India and is flanked in northern frontiers by People's Republic of China and state of states of Assam and Nagaland in south frontiers. While Myanmar is situated in its eastern border, in its west lies the country, Bhutan

Official Languages: State of Arunachal Pradesh boasts of having the maximum number of indigenous languages spoken in its entirety, however, only English and Hindi have been declared as the official languages.

A brief intro:

Itanagar is capital of Arunachal Pradesh and descendents of Tibeto-Burman origin constitute the majority of population. Literal meaning of the word Arunachal implies “land of the rising sun”. The state is also dubbed as “orchid state of India” and “the paradise of the botanists”. Arunachal Pradesh is the serene place embedded beautifully in the lap of Himalaya and forms most idyllic place for going on Arunachal Pradesh tourism for the people, who are exhausted of living the monotonous life in cities full of daily anxieties, scrambles, hurries and flurries coupled with noise pollution, air pollution and water pollution.

Costume: As Arunachal Pradesh has disparate tribal communities co-existing, wide differences are seen in costumes of distinctive tribes. Generally the majority of tribals wear the richly colored and decorative attire. The most palpable feature in their dressing is the liberal use of fashion accessories. Some of the commonalities found in the dressing style of Tribals in Arunachal are the sleeveless chemise paired with jacket among females and males are seen wearing the skull cap, adorned with the peacock feather.  The list of ornaments includes silver rings, earrings made up of bamboo. Yellow necklace paired with coiled ear rings represent a married woman while beyop is worn by unmarried ones.

History of Arunachal Pradesh:

No precise traces of past history of this state can be found, save for few historical ruins. In the year of 1826, this region had fallen under rein of Britishers and those days it used to be a part of the state of Assam. Later on in year of 1972, this region was declared as Union Territory.

Sightseeing in Arunachal Pradesh:

Once in Arunachal Pradesh, make a way towards Tawang. Tawang is the region fraught with scores of worth visiting spots such as lakes, waterfalls, nunneries, monasteries and the like. One of the much famed and much frequented lakes is Shonga-tser Lake, which is also popularly called as Madhuri Lake. This name after India bollywood beautiful actress Madhuri Dixit has been assigned to this lake, as it was here where some of the intriguing scenes of the movie “Koyla”, were filmed. Tsachu Hot Spring is another attraction included in the list of tourist places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. This spot offers a great opportunity for the people with adventure in spirit and those have predilection for trekking. Apart from offering the splendid opportunity to trek, you will be exposed to great splendorous natural sights having rich variety of flora and fauna around, while in the mid of trek. Bomdila is the place that forms another place of great fascination for the tourists incorporated in the list of tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh and included in the list are the places like number of orchids showing great varieties of trees laded with species of fruits and in particular apples. One can also get to watch scores of forests, forts, rivers and the like. Another must-visit spot when on trip to Arunachal Pradesh is Itanagar. Itanagar is the place where lived Ahoms and many of their homes can still be seen.

A closer look at Arunachal Pradesh:

Cuisine: Some of the food specialties include in state of Arunachal Pradesh are Apang(the rice beer), Thukpa(the noodle), Lettuce(the vegetable, momos(the dumplings) and among non-veg food items, included are Wungwut Ngam (Chicken with rice powder) , Ngatok(ethnic fish curry), PASA(fish soup) and so on. Khura, Gyapa khazi and zan are some of the other food items.
Festivals: Festivals reflect the lifestyle and set of beliefs of a particularly community and the prime goal behind majority of festivals is to bring people into contact of each other. Wide range of festivals are celebrated from time to time across the tribal communalities of Arunachal Pradesh  and the list is indeed very huge. However, 2 things are worth noting about the festivals of the state and they are:

1.    Many of the festivals celebrated here are linked with their occupation i.e. agriculture.
2.    Animal sacrifice is common in many of the festivals.

The long list of the festivals include Reh, Losar, Tamladu, Khan, Saga Dawa and many others, which might appear to be alien to many of readers.

Art and craft: People of Arunachal Pradesh show great degree of ingenuity in their productions and artworks. The Bamboo and cane constitute the  main ingredients used by them in their creative works. They produce wide gamut of articles of routine use using bamboo, cane, tuft of hair. The list of such articles include Bamboo bottles, hats, baskets and so on.  
Dance Forms: Many of their dancing patterns are ritualistic rather than being celebrative. They are seen usually making group dances on celebrative occasions. List of some of renowned tribal dances include Wancho dance, Khampti Dance, Buiya Dance and Ponung Dance.

Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh: Trekking and river rafting are some of the popular activities to do in Arunachal Pradesh.

Places to stay: There are several boarding and lodging facilities for the tourists making their way to Arunachal Pradesh in forms of hotels, lodges and the like. There are various budget hotels in Arunachal Pradesh scattered across the state, nevertheless ones most preferred among the tourists are Government run tourist lodges and Circuit houses.

Shopping in Arunachal Pradesh: There are countless articles worth being included in the list of Arunachal Pradesh shopping and the list includes several laudably designed art craft items such as ornaments, wood carvings, weaved items, cane and bamboo works, carpets, Kitchen wares such as cups, dishes and fruit bowls and the like. Sherdukpen shawls, Apatani Jackets and scarves, Adi skirts, Mishmi shawls, Wancho bags Baskets and masks fabricated using bamboo and cane Ornaments and bangles made of beads are the additional items to be included in the course of shopping in Arunachal Pradesh.
Best time visit Arunachal Pradesh:

Tourists planning a tour to Arunachal Pradesh have to ensure that they do not embark into tour during rains. As Rains lash out to render the state out of gear usually, you may be caught up in a ight spot. The state of Arunachal Pradesh is usually marked with cool climatic conditions being close proximity with the mountains, nevertheless, the best season deemed to be fir for travel in this state is between the months of October and April.

Tourist Places to Visit in Arunachal Pradesh
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