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Tirupati Tourism

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Pin-Code - 517xxx
STD Code - 0877
State - Andhra Pradesh
Famous for - Richest temple Venkateswara Swamy temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara
Best time to visit - Between the months of October and March
Places to visit - Swami Pushkarini Lake, Sri Venkateswara Temple, Sri Chennakesavaswami Temple
Weather - Winter temperature ranges from 14 to 34°C, Summer temperature ranges from 22 to 42°C
Altitude - 161 m (528 ft)
Official Language - Telugu
Languages spoken - Telugu, Hindi and English

Tirupati at a glance:

Geographical position: Situated at the foothills of Eastern Ghats, Tirupati is the biggest cultural and religious city embedded within the region of  Rayalaseema.

Intro in gist: Tirupati is one of the holiest cities in state of Andhra Pradesh, which is internationally famed. It prides in being economical and educational hub of southern regions. City is also renowned for red wooden toys and copper and brass idols. Cluster of 7 sacred mist-laden mountains of Tirumala have been the core of attraction and curiosity of the tourists. Maximum number of tourists embark on Tirupati tourism just to have a glimpse of lord Venkateshwara.

 Sightseeing in Tirupati:

7 sacred hills draped from top to toe in verdure caused by number of plants and trees that adorn the hills leaves tourists spellbound and awe struck of number of wonders that it has to exposes. One of the prime attractions included in the list of tourist places in Tirupati is Silathoranam. This rock formation is the outcome of natural phenomenon. The beautiful backdrop in which this rock formation is seen is mesmerizing. There are number of flower trees that keep the air around full of their aroma. The mantras reverberating around of “Om Namo Narayanaya” add melody in the ears. This rock formation had been discovered accidently by archeologists in the course of an excavation and has the resemblance with the conch, discus or hood of snake. This place is believed to be the source of lord Vishnu. Very close to this spot can be seen the sacred foot prints of Lord Venkateshwara, which is a location believed to receive the first foot fall of lord Vishnu from heavens. Among other attractions are TTD gardens and Swami Pushkarini lake. Akasha Ganga is the water fall that is believed to offer the most holy waters with salubrious properties. It is said that a bath in this holy water fall washes one of all his or her sins and showers good luck. Prior to having glimpse of lord Venkateshwara, it is essential to have the holy bath in this water fall. Pilgrims of Tirumala can also attend anyone of the number of devotional and spiritual programs that are organized in Asthana Mandapam. There are number of sermons delivered, Psalms sung, Musical instruments are played, and dances are performed.  It is on the 7th peak of Tirumala, that the holy shrine of Sri Venkateshwara stands that has so much fame and so much myths surrounding it. It is said that no one created this idol rather it grew itself and remained under protection of these hills even when other temples were being demolished by foreign invaders. The smiling lord’ idol is completely black painted and wears the impression of goddess Laxmi on his chest. The lord has 2 pairs of hands while in one pair he holds the chakra (discus) and shankha (conch) and rest of the hands are used to offer the blessings. People say that merely standing in front of this mystique idol leaves one filled with the indescribable feelings and all the prayers are accepted and granted in to concrete. The whole of the Tirumala hills have been dotted with a number of tourist places to visit in Tirupati namely, Vaikuntha Teertham, Sri Venugopalaswami temple, Sri Kapileshwar swami temple and many many others. Each of these temples have their own significance. In a nutshell, a trip to Tirupati will be akin to touring the abode of gods.

Popular cuisines: Nevertheless, there is nothing to feel morose on this ground as there are number of delicious food items, all set to satiate your eating crave. As far as having a meal in and around the temples is concerned, you will have varieties of food items served on your dish viz. daddojanam i.e. rice mixed with curd, pulihora(tamarind rice), Pongals, Appam, Payasam, Murukkus and so on. Tirupati has also been famous for the massive size of sweet Laddoos. The Thali includes the food items like rice, Sambhar, curry dish, pickles, poriyal and Kurma. Among rice dishes,  bisibele bhath has been famous. List of beverages include Masaala paal, badam milk, mango lassi and so on.

Kindly Note: Tirupati being the religious spot, Alcoholic beverages and non-vegetarian food items are strictly a no, no here.

Shopping in Tirupati: As far as shopping in Tirupati is concerned, idols of various deities, CDs and oblations(particularly laddoos) constitute the main items to be bought.

Things to do in Tirupati: As far as activities to do in Tirupati are concerned tourists can pay a visit to the nearby Talakona waterfalls and have the full delight in soaking themselves in the plummets of waters cascading below.

 Where to stay: Tourists coming to Tirupati will never have the problem in finding hotels in Tirupati to make their comfy sojourn. There are number of different kinds of accommodation such as 3 star hotels, 2 star hotels, guest houses and hostels and many others.


Tirupati History

This temple of venkateshwara has been receiving the worship and homage from all the ruling dynasties in a succession that rose and fell with the ever ticking time. Pallavas, Cholas, Pandavas and even rulers of Vijayanagar empire offered their offerings to this ancient temple.


Tirupati Weather

Although, tourists having penchant to glimpse and experience the holiness of tirumala, can any time and any part of year can plunge on Tirupati tourism, nevertheless travel during the wintry season between the months of November and march can be made.


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Places to visit in Tirupati
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