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Golconda Fort

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State - Andhra Pradesh
City - Hyderabad
Pincode - 500008
Famous for - Magical acoustic system
Weather - Winter temperature ranges between 13 to 31°C, Summer temperature ranges between 19 to 44°C
Best time to visit - Between the months of September and March
Fees - Rs. 10 (Indian), Rs. 100 (Foreigner)
Visiting Hours - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Golconda Fort: Situated at a distance of 11 Kilometers from Hyderabad, is Golkonda Fort. The credit for the construction of this implosive fort goes to Ibrahim Qutb Shah Wali, the 4th king belonging to Qutub Shahi Dynasty. This Fort had been built with utter care to keep the constantly invading North Indian Muslim rulers at bay.

The structure of the Fort: The Fort is mammoth and occupies a large area. Now it can be seen in ruined state, having survived the beatings of a long time. It incorporates 4 distinctive forts, 8 gateways coupled with 4 drawbridges. There can be seen slews of apartments, temples and mosques and also stables. The fort premises are also known to have the concealed tunnels in their interiors to help escape during invasions.

Following are important things to watch and marvel at:

Fateh Darwaza: This is the entrance, through which the large army of Aurangzeb had made intrusion inside the fort and vanquished Abul Hasan Qutb Shah after a seize of 8 months. The specialty of this entrance is that the its furnished with the numerous spikes to evade the risk of getting it broken by the elephant collisions. Another specialty of this door lies in its wonderful acoustic effects that cause a hand clap to ring in case of an attack on the fort.

Bala Hissar gate: Built on the eastern side of the fort, the main entrance to the fort is Bala Hissar gate.The arch facilitating the entry is pointed upwards and surrounded by a number of scroll works. The spandrels are adorned by the beautiful designs of Yalis and roundels. Above the door can be seen a couple of peacocks. On the lintel of the entrance can be seen a pair of Yalis surrounding a disc.

Ramdas Bandikhana: Another major attraction boasted about by this fort is Ramdas Bandikhana or Ramdas prison. Ramdas was a devotee of Lord Ram. He had been imprisoned here by the Mugal rulers of Qutub shahi dynasty on charges of using the money of state for construction of Ram temple. It is said that Lord Ram had himself had come to repay off the money to the Sultan and thus this great Hindu sage, Ramdas had been set free. This was the power of his devotion. Till date one magnificent temple of Ram can be seen in Bhadrachalam. The cell inside the fort in which Swami Ramdas had been imprisoned is all the time engulfed in pitch darkness. Although it appears to be quite roomy but there are only few windows letting in the wind.

Qutub Shahi Tombs: Many of the tombs of the Qutub Shahi Sultan have been built at a distance of 1 Kilometer North of Golkonda’s outer wall. These tombs are constructed amidst the picturesquely grown gardens.

Diamonds: Golconda fort is renowned to have been the prime place for the diamond trade. Diamonds of various kinds used to be brought here from a number of mines in the surrounding regions. The list of Diamonds of various kinds includes Darya-e Nur, Nur-Ul-Ain Diamond, The Koh-i-noor, The Hope Diamond, Princie Diamond, The Regent Diamond and Wittelsbach Diamond.

Other attractions:

Among other attractions to watch in the fort are Nagina Bagh, Akkanna-Madanna office, Mosque of Ibrahim, Darbar hall, Silahkhana(a section earmarked to preserve the armaments), Taramati mosque, Palace complex, Jagdamba Mahakali temple.

In one of the cabins can be spotted one massive sized metal weight, which is learnt to serve as an instrument to measure the physical strenth of the soldiers prior to enrolling them in the royal army.

Nagina bagh is a vast stretch with rows of shady trees offering great respite to the tourists.

Shri Jagadamba Mahakali temple propped up by a massive hilly rock is a great place to visit.

A cluster of mammoth rocks erect airing the impression of oxen.

Tourists also can get to learn and lot about the history surrounding this Fort watching the light and sound shows staged at regular intervals.

One has to be careful of following schedule of these shows:

November-February – The shows start at 6:30 PM
March-October – The shows start at 7 PM

The shows are staged in English on Wednesdays and Sundays, on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, in Hindi and Thursdays in Telugu.



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