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Andhra Pradesh Tourism

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Andhra Pradesh Tourism at a Glance:

Position of state: The state of Andhra Pradesh is situated along the south eastern coast of India and is flanked in northern frontiers by the states like Maharashtra, Chhatisgarh and Odisha and state of Tamil Nadu in south frontiers. While Bay of Bengal is situated in its eastern border, in its west lies the state of Karnataka. Area-wise this state prides in having 4th rank in whole of country and population-wise 5th.

Official Languages: Telugu, Urdu, Hindi and English.

Costume: Women generally wear sari irrespective of the religious sect that they belong to while the men are usually seen in dhoti and kurta.

Andhra Pradesh Tourism - A short Intro:

This state boasts of numerous beaches, ancient monuments, caves, lakes, museums and religious centres. Andhra Pradesh is also termed as “Rice bowl of India”, thanks to abundant growth of rice in the state. This state has also been dubbed as the “Kohinoor of India” by tourism industry. Godavari and Krishna, are the twin major rivers and capital of the state is Hyderabad.

History of Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh has a rich past replete with numerous notable events and occupy an important place in the history of India. It is believed that majority of people inhabiting the state belong to the Aryan race. This state had been originally a part of the great king Ashoka’s empire. He was a great patron and follower of Buddhism and it is for this reason that this state was turned into a Buddhist center.  The Satavahana dynasty is considered to be the earliest rulers of this state. Warangal used to be the capital of Kakatiyas, the location where remnants of the Warangal fort can be seen even in present time. With passing time, several dynasties such as pallavas, cholas, Chalukyas, Kakatiyas and the likes rose to prominence and fell into obscurity. Kakatiyas are deemed to be the last of the rulers and their empire fell following the capture of the kakatiya ruler Prataprudra deva by Allaudin Khilzi. After his fall, many  local kingdoms rose and fell and of them one of the most renowned and mighty kingdoms was that of Vijayanagar empire. So Andhra Pradesh tourism is particularly ideal for the Historians and scholars smitten by a desire to dig deeper into past of India.

Tourist places to visit in Andhra Pradesh:

Having been the seat to several kingdoms in succession, Andhra Pradesh today houses a number of historical architecture and structure. A trip to Andhra Pradesh feels like touring the remote past of India, in a world of swords, spears, chariots and horse drawn carriages; of kings, crowns and the throne- an era when aristocracy ruled the roost. Andhra Pradesh tourism offers a variety of tourist spots appealing to every visitor.

Tourist places in Andhra Pradesh:

Historical sites: There are numerous monuments that stand as relics of the past, telling tales of great rulers and of the many wars they won and lost. Historic places like Golconda fort, charminar, chow mohalla palace are just a few from a long list.

Natural sites: For the nature lovers, there are number of other tourist places in Andhra Pradesh offering a number of natural sights such as KBR national park, mettipali, Somasila and many others. This state boasts of countless hills, valleys, lakes, beaches, gardens and parks.

Adventureous sites: For the wildlife enthusiasts, there are number of tourist places to visit in Andhra Pradesh such as numerous sanctuaries, lakes and zoological parks with a variety of birds and animals.

Pilgrim centers: Andhra Pradesh is also a major pilgrimage centre attracting a large number of visitors every year to embark on Andhra Pradesh tourism. Tirupati Balaji is a famed and renowned place of pilgrimage which witnesses a constant flow of pilgrims.

Vital things to know, during trip to Andhra Pradesh:

Music in Andhra Pradesh: Annamacharya and Tyagaraja have made a great contribution towards development of Carnatic Music. Due to their influences, Telugu language now gets the first preference in course of composing the Carnatic music. Among other prominent figures who made great contributions towards growth of Carnatic Music, included are Bhadrachala Ramdas,  Kshetrayya, Ghantasala and so on.

Popular Cuisines of Andhra Pradesh: Abundant growth of rice, makes it the staple food of the state and varieties of cuisines incorporating rice are prepared. Andhra Pradesh is also known for varieties in its sauces and pickles. Also, great varieties in non-veg food items are availed. Pulihora is a sour tasting rice made food item that is prepared incorporating tamarinds, unripe mangoes, sour pomegranate and lemon. This food item is served in pair with fresh green chilies, pickles, papads and peppery vegetables.  Gongura is famous kind of sauce prepared using Roselle plant. Aavakaaya is a lip smacking tasty pickle made using the mangoes without removing kernels. Among other worth enjoying tasty dishes are Bagara baingan, Shahi dahi veda, tomato qoot, qubani-ka-meetha,  badam-ki-jhab, dil-e-firdaus , ande-ka-piyosi and on top of everything else, Hyderabadi Biryani.

Famous Festivals of Andhra Pradesh: In addition to usual Hindu and Muslim festivals, there are other worth watching festivals observed in Andhra Pradesh such as Atla Taddi, Dudu basavanna,  Bonala Pandaga, Savarla pandaga or peerula pandaga and so on.

Art and craft in Andhra Pradesh: A village Durgi is famous for stone crafts. Andhra Pradesh is also renowned for making varieties of dolls incorporating the elements like lightweight metal alloys, dry grass, mud and woods. Wide gamut of mud toys in multiple colors are produced in Kondapalli. Andhra Pradesh is also renowned for the age old Kalamkari art works done on textile. Tirupati is renowned for an array of redwood carvings. Nanduri Venkata Subbarao is another renowned poet of Telugu language. Mullapudi Venkata Ramana was the famous story writer, who is known to have given birth to the imaginary ludicrous character named as Budugu.

Famous Dance Forms in Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Pradesh is also renowned for the famous Kuchipudi dance, a form of Indian classic dances. Among other worth watching dance forms in vogue in Andhra Pradesh, included are  Bhamakalapam, Burrakatha,Veeranatyam, Butta bommalu, Tappeta Gullu, Lambadi and many others. Jaanapadam theenmar is a type of folk dance that has attained great fame and popularity.

Things to do in Andhra Pradesh: Some exciting activities to do in Andhra Pradesh include angling, golf, parasailing and boating.

Places to stay in Andhra Pradesh: Hotels in Andhra Pradesh are plenteous and can be found in all ranges suiting to every budget.

Shopping in Andhra Pradesh: As far as shopping in Andhra Pradesh is concerned, an array of articles can be bought such as Ijkat garments, buffalo hide puppets, Buddhist Niramal paintings, and wares having kalamkari and Bidri works. Also, number of filigrees in distinctive designs made up of gold and silver can be found. Venkatagiri sarees, Dharmavaram sarees, Gadwal sarees, Mangalagiri saree, Pochampalli Silk & Cotton Sarees are different kinds of sarees, which can also be bought.

Best time for Andhra Pradesh tourism:

The climatic conditions in Andhra Pradesh are usually unbearably hot and hence touring during summer(April, May and June) is generally not advisable. The winter season running between the months of October and March would be most appropriate for a trip to Andhra Pradesh.

Tourist Places to Visit in Andhra Pradesh
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